Smoking Cauldron

Your choice of flavor, iced, covered in fondant, and decorated as a Witch's Cauldron.

Choose the "Cup Insert" version for a space on top to add dry ice for a smoking effect (dry ice not included)

Instructions for dry ice effect (dry ice not included):

Do not touch the dry ice with bare skin, always use gloves and/or tongs to handle dry ice. Dry Ice should be kept out of reach of pets and/or children and only adults should handle dry ice. Dry ice should never be eaten and improper handling can result in injury. Freed's Bakery will not be responsible for improper handling or use of dry ice. Please follow any additional instructions provided by dry ice manufacturer and/or provider. All instructions provided by Freed's Bakery are superseded by instructions, warnings, or suggestions by the dry ice manufacturer or provider.

- Dry ice may be purchased at most grocery stores.

- Carefully add a small amount of water to the cup insert in top of cake (about 2/3 full). Make sure not to spill the water on the fondant icing as it will melt the fondant.

- Take a small piece (or a few small pieces) of dry ice and add them to the water. Be careful not to add too much and cause the water to overflow.

- "Smoking" effect is temporary. Replace water and/or dry ice as needed.

- Do not cut into cup insert, dry ice should not be served or eaten. It is for visual effect only: cup, water, and all dry ice should be removed before serving and/or eating.

Writing to be included on the cake can be requested in the "Special Instructions" field in the shopping cart.

This product is only available via local delivery or pickup. It is not available for shipping.

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