The Freed's Bakery family strives to be an incredible community supporter and leader. We understand that in order to strengthen the health, social, educational, and cultural fabric of our community we must make contributions and support our neighbors as they've supported us for 60 years.

We proudly support numerous local and national charities on a regular basis and understand that there are many causes worthy of support. Please note that Freed's is structured in a way that we are unable to use our donations as a tax deduction. All donations are made because of how strongly we feel about the importance of giving back to our community.

Because of the large volume of requests, we ask that all inquiries be submitted through the form below. Please submit requests at least 90 days in advance of the date of the event and provide us with as much information regarding the organization and event. Once your request has been received, a decision will be made based on other requests made at that time. We budget our donations yearly and due to the large amount of requests, we are unable to respond to every request made. Thank you for your understanding.

- The Freed's Bakery Family