Portrait Cookies

$ 39.00

Buttery short dough cutout cookies topped with sugar icing and decorated with the image of your choice! Perfect for corporate gifts, celebrations, Las Vegas conventions, birthdays, anything! The most delicious image cookies in Las Vegas, the perfect way to display a photo, image, or logo as a customized edible cookie creation. Choose the shape and accompanying colors below!

For orders that require further customization or for price breaks on larger orders (100+ cookies), please reach out via our custom quote page or email us at info@freedsbakery.com or by phone at (702) 456-7762.

After ordering, a high quality .jpg version of the logo can be sent to info@freedsbakery.com and we will confirm order and details.

Cookies are baked to order and are not available same day. If ordering within 72 hours of desired delivery or pickup, please call the bakery at (702) 456-7762 for availability. Thank you!

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