Assortment of Cookies (Nationwide Shipping)

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Please note that when selecting "shipping" at checkout, the date you select will be the date your cookies LEAVE the bakery and not the day they arrive to the shipping address. For cookies, we recommend choosing a ship date that provides you with up to 5-6 business days of shipping relative to when you expect to serve the cookies depending on where the shipping address is located (closer addresses can expect 2-4 business days of shipping). We are not able to guarantee the length of time cookies will be in transit as it's dependent on the shipper.

A boxed selection of our most popular assorted Freed's cookies! The heavier the selection, the more variety!

Please keep in mind this is for a boxed assortment of cookies, and not cookies in a tin or tray. Cookies are considered "bite-sized" and we generally recommend to account for an average of 2 to 3 cookies per person when deciding on your desired quantity.

Products included will vary from the image shown. There is no guarantee on the items, but please feel free to request specific cookies in the "Special Instructions" field in the shopping cart and we will do our best to include them (based on availability and weight purchased).

During summer months shipping these cookies will result in melted chocolate. Still delicious, but melty and a bit of a mess. We'll still ship them if you're up for it!

Freed's Bakery has been serving up delicious treats in Las Vegas for over 60 years. We are proud to be a local, third generation family owned business in a city we love.

Customer Reviews

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All the flavors were delicious. We love this place. ❤️


Great variety in cookie.


The cookies were amazing and still so fresh after shipping! Customer service was superb!
Thank you!!!

Roger c Perreault
This guy is legit

ordered the amaretto almond dessert cake, crumb was tender and moist with a perfect balance of amaretto and almonds, frosting was smooth and creamy not too sweet and plenty of it without being over frosted.. Haven't had a cake this good since my Godfather retired and sold his bakery in Brooklyn NY, more than 25 years ago

Daneen Enders
Best cookies in town

Can I pick up on 24. I have a coupon is that o k.