Over 60 years of R&D at Freed's Cake Depot has resulted in hundreds of colorful cake collectibles with deliciously useful benefits and access. Released in small, fresh-baked batches, each colorful character offers upcoming admittance to gated content and unique offers and rewards at FreedsBakery.com. Receive your exclusive CakeCode as unlockable content within each Sprinkle Iced Cake.

What can I do with my Iced Cake?

Each Sprinkle Iced Cake has been crafted as a 1 of 1 exclusive design with it's own CakeCode as unlockable content. Your CakeCode and NFT ownership offers upcoming benefits and rewards, exclusive to Sprinkle Iced cake holders only.

We're having fun with this new space and would love to hear your feedback or interesting use cases for the Sprinkle Iced Cake NFTs,reach out!

Looking for the original Cake NFTs?

Our original handminted cake collection can be found with the link below! The world's first physically crafted and digitally minted cakes, including the first physical wedding cake NFT created. Handminted Cakes include an access key for exclusive products and offers.