To our Vegas Community,

We’re incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received as we’ve continued to offer takeout at all three locations and discounted delivery throughout the valley. The emails, notes, and photos of your celebrations this last year have meant the world to us, and we are so thankful to have been a small part of your cozy birthdays, intimate weddings, and myriad of other festivities.

We’ve opened our doors to allow a limited number of guests into our Bakery and Dessert Shops while always making our team and guests' health and safety our priority. Here are some of the policies and procedures you can expect when visiting one of our stores:

- In-person ordering is not currently available.
All cake ordering must be done online, via email, or over the phone. At this time we are not offering appointments or tastings for custom cake ordering though this will change in the future when deemed safe and appropriate.

- Face coverings are required when entering our locations.
In order to protect our team and guests, all staff and guests (including children over the age of 2) must wear a face covering that covers the mouth and nose while at Freed’s. For those that medically cannot wear masks or choose not to, we will make reasonable accommodations via takeout service or other means. While we understand that some guests may find face coverings inconvenient or objectionable, we believe that the safety of our team, guests, and community must take priority. The CDC recommends the use of face coverings and we believe the more we can do to help slow the spread of the virus the better. Wearing a mask for a few minutes while inside our locations is a small request in terms of the larger benefit to the Vegas community.

- We are limiting the number of guests that can enter the store at any given time.
Inside each location we have three decals on the floor to indicate where guests can remain during their Freed’s visit. Guests may not advance to the next decal until it is unoccupied. This is to practice social distancing as well as control the flow of traffic and allow all guests the opportunity to view all our delicious products. There are additional decals outside our locations in case guests exceed the allotted number of spots inside our stores.

- Groups inside of our stores are limited to no more than 3 guests.
Due to the size of our locations, large groups cannot be accommodated while also maintaining adequate social distancing. We ask that groups be no larger than 3 total members.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we learn and communicate during a very fluid and complex situation. We want to do our best to keep everyone safe and speed up Las Vegas’ recovery and we’re thankful for your continued support!

Thank you,

Max Fried & The Freed's Team