Requires 72 Hours Notice

Interactive Electoral College Map Cake (Nationwide Shipping)

$ 174.95

Fill in states on this interactive electoral college map cake! Create your own 2020 election forecast or follow along election night as states turn red and blue!

Each cake comes with two icing bags filled with red and blue icing. Just clip the tips and squeeze the appropriate color on each state (or the appropriate side square for smaller states or split voting).

Because cakes ordered for shipping are made fresh before being frozen they require at least 24 hours notice before their ship date. Please be aware, this processing time is not reflected in shipping options. To avoid your order sitting in a shipping warehouse over the weekend, we do not ship cakes on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.

Cakes are wrapped and shipped frozen with dry ice and insulation to maintain freshness and avoid damage during transport. After receiving the cake, please leave the plastic wrap on and place the cake in the freezer. After 30 minutes, gently peel away the plastic wrap (to leave decor intact) and place in the refrigerator to thaw. Once thawed completely, cut and enjoy!

Icing should be removed from the box and kept at room temperature to allow it to soften before use.

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Writing to be included on the cake can be requested in the "Special Instructions" field in the shopping cart. Due to the nature of shipping, writing may become damaged during transport (though we take every precaution to avoid it).

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